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Before/After 10 days continuous use

Type IV Collagen Booster: The effects of 10 days Before/After application of the Bevernal cream

Period: Feb 21 - Mar 8


Apply a pearl size of Bevernal cream after cleansing your face and applying toner once every morning and evening to activate the process of regeneration of skin cell by promoting type IV collagen in order to help address the root cause for skin problems. What you can expect from the benefits:

- Type IV collagen generation

- Fine lines reduction

- Reduced pigmentation 

- Brightened skin

- Plump and smoother

- Radiant and tighten



Pterostilbene Glycoside

Fact Check:

Pterostilbene Glycoside is a proprietary patented ingredient, which is a composition of Pterostilbene and glucose using special patented technology.


Pterostilbene is an active ingredient with potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic properties, which contribute to the improved function of normal cells and the inhibition of malignant cells.


This exclusive patented ingredient, owned by YOSHIMI JAPAN, enables Pterostilbene to exponentially dissolve in water, allowing a 100,000x amount of the ingredient to be contained in just a pearl-sized drop of Bevernal Cream.


Pterostilbene Glycoside has been clinically proven to address skin problems by promoting the production of type IV collagen, thus preventing and reducing wrinkles or sagging of the skin.  Extensive research consequently found that it exhibits excellent effect in terms of imparting tightness to the skin and skin whitening.



Company Background

YOSHIMI JAPAN is a body and skincare brand from Japan infused with responsible biotechnology and the philosophy of producing quiet luxury products.


Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company is a member of CDW Holding Limited, a main board-listed company in Singapore Stock Exchange, with the stock code SGX:BXE.


Behind YOSHIMI JAPAN brand is a team of biotechnology scientists and a lab, supported by CDW Life Science Co Ltd, to develop patented ingredients for the purposes to advance the industry and cater to the community.


At YOSHIMI JAPAN, we develop patented ingredients and products with responsible manner, all biotech products have been approved by Japan regulatory bodies and run through clinical tests to assure its safety and effectiveness.



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